Leadership Meeting 1/11/16

Leadership Meeting started at 7pm.

Nurturing Ministries gave its report on February Activities. Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper is February 9, 2016. They should have a full calendar of events by the next leadership meeting.

Children’s Ministry reported that they have 12 kids for children’s church. They need a sign-up sheet for the youth to help during children’s church.

Pastor Glenda reported on the property changes as TFN straightens out the curve in the road and move our water line and sign. She also reminded us of the the Frank Schaefer’s documentary “Gift of Love” on February 27, 2016.

Lay Leader reported on MFSA possibly sponsoring Frank Schaefer for the Annual Conference. There was also a big donation for getting Justice For Our Neighbors in Williamson and Bell counties. They expect to start immigration clinics in August of 2016.

Rainbow Connection reported JOFN meets in Austin the last Saturday of each month. For the Rainbow Connection, the LGBTQIA had 20 adults and 19 children. They start at Feb 17th with spiritual discussion. Parents are looking for social outlets and need childcare. The idea was discussed about having the youth and kids together to build relationships on being a child of the LGBTQIA.

The Church Treasurer discussed the financials of JOFUMC. If anyone in the Leadership team needs the general ledger, please contact the Church Treasurer.Pastor and Leadership team discussed Open Carry and Concealed handguns in church. Pastor Glenda will sent a church email for input before the decision is made at the next Church meeting.

The next Leadership meeting will be February 22, 2016.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.