Journey of Faith Committees for 2016

2016 JOF Church Council
Chair: Amanda Matthews
Vice-Chair: Jean Brooks
Lay Leader/Lay Member to Annual Conference: Mark Brooks
Alternate: Anne Kephart
Secretary: Krista Smith
Chair of Trustees: Randy Peters
Chair of Finance: Jeanette Whalen
Church Treasurer: Charlotte Smith
Chair of Staff-Parish Relations: Jessica Harris
Nurturing Ministries: Sharon Peters and Laura Eiben, Co-Chairs
Missions: Barbara Graham
Outreach/Evangelism: Kathy Glenn and Ashley Warford, Co-Chairs
Youth Ministries: Stephen McIntyre
Children’s Ministries: Bobbie Viktora
Intentional Faith Development: Heidi Cooper
Hospitality: Jennifer MacAlister
Worship Arts: Colin McDonald
Prayer Team: Karen Jones
Rainbow Connections: Christie Veyna and Ashley Warford, Co-Chairs
Members-At-Large: Amy Stuewe; Maxine Carstedt: Lyndsey Olivarez; Susan Summers

Staff-Parish Relations Committee
Chair: Jessica Harris
Class of 2016 (2): Amy Stuewe; Jeff Eiben
Class of 2017 (2): Jessica Harris; Ron Summers
Class of 2018 (2): Lyndsey Olivarez; Andy Kephart
Lay Member to Annual Conference: Mark Brooks

Committee on Finance:
Chair: Jeanette Whalen
Class of 2016 (2): Shelly Dehn; Jeanette Whalen
Class of 2017 (2): Kay McIntyre; Andy Kephart
Class of 2018 (2): Heidi Cooper; Alissa Rodgers
Lay Member to Annual Conference: Mark Brooks
Chair of Church Council: Amanda Matthews
Chair of SPRC: Jessica Harris
Chair of Trustees: Randy Peters
Church Treasurer: Charlotte Smith
Financial Secretary: Maxine Carstedt

Board of Trustees:
Chair: Randy Peters
Class of 2016 (2): John Stuewe; Linden Zimmerman
Class of 2017 (2): Angie Petron; Randy Peters
Class of 2018 (2): Jack Wallace; Becky Green

Local Lay Speaker
Mark Brooks